The Four Web Design Trends Businesses Should Actually Care About

One of the best ways to ensure that your business makes the right impression the very first time somebody checks it out is to get a neat website designed. Thankfully, there are some amazing options for good designs and with the right IT website design company in India, you will be able to choose a design that not only reflects the business that you are into but also the character of the business as well as a brand that helps the business grow.Best Web Design CompanyYour website represents the business in more ways than you could imagine which is why designing the website correctly matters the most. There are so many different kinds of designs that are available for you to choose from that it becomes convenient for people to get lost with the different ideas available and end up choosing something that is unrelated to the business or does not work well for them. If you have no idea what you need to incorporate in your website and what needs to be avoided then here are the four important web design trends that you need to focus on the most.

Video Content

Most business owners ignore videos because they believe it’s a big hassle creating these videos and then getting them placed on the website from time to time. However, today we live in a world where people are all about convenience and they want to get as much information as possible in the least amount of time. If you want to give up this information without boring your visitors, then the best way to do it is to create videos that will never fail to impress. When designing a website speak to the designer and ask them to create a page that can incorporate a web video which will be mobile friendly.

Unlike the early days where a video took very long to load, these days you can embed a low-quality video and have it play just as well as a heavy video making it convenient to use for mobile users as well. According to recent research, most people prefer watching a video rather than reading content on a website which is why you will manage to get more hits on your site and keep visitors on your page longer with the right video content. When designed correctly, a website that is managed correctly can help you get more visitors and improve the brand name of your business in the long run.


Video content is great, but so is multimedia. When you use the right kind of info-graphics for your business, not only do you make it become more popular but it helps you to hook visitors on to the site and you will manage to get more views than ever before. Info-graphics and multimedia are not difficult to get onto your site and not only does this compel the audience to pay more attention to the kind of services or products that you have to offer, but it also gives them a clear idea of what the product is all about.

If your business is an e-commerce site and you want people to get a clear view of the kind of product but you are selling, then using info-graphic content and multimedia is one of the best ways to do this because it can provide all the information in the most transparent manner keeping your website clean and helping your business grow.

The Right Kind Of Content

There is no denying that content plays a huge role in determining the success or failure of your website but this does not limit yourself to using a pattern that all other websites follow. Although you need to have a certain amount of content placed on your website in the right manner, this does not necessarily mean that you limit yourself to using content in the same way that people have been using it for many years. Content can be used in different ways and one of the leading examples of using content in an innovative way is to create an e-presentation for people to check out the various services and products that you have on offer. Whether you want to create a designer catalog or whether you would like to place the information in a slideshow, all of this can be done with the right web designing professionals and the tools that can help them create the website as seamlessly as you would like.

Always remember that when you have a good web designing talent by your side not only do you manage to get the website you desire but you also manage to get it done in a size that is compatible for mobile devices as well. No matter how much content or graphics you include on your website you need to make sure the all of this is limited in size so that it loads fast on a mobile device which is what most of your customers will be using to access your website.

Simple And Convenient Design

Let’s face it, most business owners look for designs that look unique and different from all the other websites that they have seen. This does not necessarily mean that you create a website that is so heavy it takes forever to load. When you are trying to create a brand for your business you want it to be something that loads instantly and hits people in the face rather than making them wait for a long time. People don’t really like waiting for a website to open up and if your website is not open on time this means that you could lose a potential customer. When choosing a web page design, try to keep it as simple as possible because this will help the site load faster and you will be able to include more elements on the site which would actually help your business grow.


No matter what industry a business belongs to, the first impression is always a strong impression and this matters the most not only for your customers but also the potential customers and other relationships that can help your business grow.

Need of Best Web Designing Company.

To make your industry well known worldwide and to get the online nearness there is an incredible prerequisite of a website. These days everyone who is running an industry is looking for a consistent technique in which the investment is less and the profits are more. In this view the online advertising is the most amazing technique which can advance your services, as well as help you in gaining great worldwide nearness and making you ahead in the savage challenge in the commercial center. It is very simple to find inexpensive web designing company in India, whose services are viable and dependable. In any case, there are a few organizations running in the commercial center which utilize less expensive web design as a catchphrase. It is huge to avoid these organizations

The real advantage of hiring master company is that they have a lot of information and learning about the web designing zone. These specialists have done bunches of work in the designing field and they perceive the need and prerequisites of the clients and satisfy them in the efficient way.

Picking a decent Web Design and Development Company in India can be ideal for your undertaking compose also. Here is a total rundown of points that you should be very much aware of or ponder before choosing the correct website designing master to take into account your website prerequisites.

Finding Web Designing Mumbai is straightforward, however choosing the best web design benefit that works is a test. There are bunches of web designers, yet they could possibly accommodate your necessities. Along these lines, you require some individual that can make a website that will draw guests, and rank well on web crawlers. Bear in mind, a great website can give you a superior ROI and help you spare all the more valuable time, assets and assets.

Things to Consider When Looking For Website Designing Company India

Dynamic Website Designing

Dynamic Website Design is utilized for the most part for vast enterprises and huge businesses where there are a considerable measure of web pages and they require each day updations and required more opportunity for end.

Private company Website Designing

Private company web design is used for the most part for independent companies and people. The cost of little designs is less and for the most part includes for the most part 5-8 web pages. These are little term web designing ventures and done within few days.

Streak Web designs

At display everyone demanding for streak. Streak designs are additional tempting to the guests. Momentous shading combination and Flash enlivened designs draw more consciousness of guests and make extraordinary imagination by awesome visual impacts. It additionally makes a brilliant effect on clients and pulls towards them to visit frequently and turn into your own client.


The positive attitude of Website Design Company is reliant on a little indicators likewise perceived as validity indicators, for example, day in and day out customer benefit, Google ranking, phone bolster, contract, rewarding of the dedication and finally the input from the customers who have just profited their services.


The website design company in Mumbai must have enough involvement of servicing the client of a similar business. This is required to know the planned client conduct and market section to be focused on. This aids in the adjustments of the website and optimizing the arrival on investment. The absence of learning can prompt exercise in futility, money and exertion.

Reasons Why Your Website Needs Videos

Are you still among those website owners who shy away from the use of videos in their website? Despite the fact that video content is highly profitable to the popularity of the website, there are still many people who still don’t exploit this part of the SEO, although most of the web design company in India are always advising website owners to do so. Also, if you check with the social media marketing packages you will find that they are more inclined towards video content to optimize your website.

For people who are still not using it, here are three main reasons why they definitely should use videos in their website:


  • Easy message delivering:


Depending on the type of business and the related content, videos can prove to be mighty useful in getting your point across to your visitors as videos provide practical knowledge as opposed to the theoretical content you make them read. Videos also provide visual effect which instantly catches up with viewer which connects your brand to the video whenever the viewer watches the video elsewhere.


  • Finding and embedding videos:


It is not hard to find and embed videos in your website as there are many websites which provide videos at affordable subscriptions and zero royalty. Also, if you are a WordPress user, adding videos to the site is just a couple of clicks away.


  • Amplify user engagement:


Videos have the power to pull in traffic and engage your visitors. Higher the engagement span of the visitor on your website higher is the possibilities of the visitor turning in to a customer as including a video that is related to the theme of the website increases the chances of the visitor spending more time on the site.

Use of videos in your website not only makes them informative but attractive as well. So, if you have not started using videos in your website, start now.

Proficient SEO Company in India Helps Progressive Online Presence

Best Seo Company

It is essential to upgrade SEO of your site which implies reasonable marking, advancement, and ad of your business or administration on the web. The idea of SEO is to get more activity and perusers and in short to build the positioning of your site. With a huge number of substance, business and administrations drifting on the web, SEO enhancement is the main to stand separated and increment indexed lists positioning naturally. In the event that you are meaning to bring better business, it is shrewd to enlist proficient SEO Company in India as opposed to overseeing and upgrading in-house except if you are master in the space.

Enhancing Business with Best SEO Agencies in Mumbai

The primary point of SEO improvement is to expand the positioning of your site and see it on the top spot in internet searcher comes about. The reality of the matter is that scarcely individuals go past page 1 of web index which makes it vital to convey your site to Page 1 of motors. This is impossible except if and until SEO procedures and systems have been connected to the site. The significant advantage of contracting experts is a utilization of methods and strategies to help bring activity by enhancing page positioning.

The web crawlers continually change their calculations and strategies in light of which they rank the site. There are numerous ways and strategies in light of which a web crawler picks a site to be on the first page. The expert SEO Company in Mumbai is very experienced and with aptitude in the area knows about all the most recent systems. Learning SEO isn’t medium-term employment and it requires a considerable measure of investment to get hold of strategies and procedures. With proficient help, your site is streamlined in light of understanding the most recent calculation contrived by the web crawlers.

Better Online Marketing with SEO Company in India

Maintaining a business isn’t simple and with the far-reaching on the web nearness, it is essential to deal with the web-based advertising proficiently. The respectable starting point of online perceivability is an SEO advanced site. By employing an expert and profoundly experienced SEO Agency, you can center around different parts of your business and need not to stress over the execution of the site. It is depending on the gathering of exceptionally gifted experts who deal with content, activity age and brand advancement by expanding the site natural perceivability.


There are numerous SEO organizations that claim to be ideal however are not ready to convey the required result. Notion Technologies is the best SEO Agency in Mumbai compared to other SEO Agencies in Mumbai that has helped numerous business to develop and nearness through online perceivability. Before picking an SEO organization, it is essential to investigate their past records. The organization needs to assume finish liability for improving the site and producing the required activity to make a site prevalent. Search engine optimization is the foundation of web promoting without which the site isn’t obvious and falls low on positioning. In the event that you need your substance and site to stand class separated, it is time you jettison the in-house trials and contract experts to enhance the same.

Get Expert Services from a Reliable SEO Agency in Mumbai

The web crawler divide assumes an indispensable part as far as upgrading the general status of a business. In any case, it involves lament to discover that greatest business administrators take this specific piece of the marketing get ready for allowed. As a SEO Agency in Mumbai we have come to give you the best SEO administrations that will take your business to higher statures.

Alongside focusing on sends alongside advertisements and different kinds of advancements; it is particularly fundamental to update SEO techniques. It will turn out to be simple for clients simple to get into contact with the correct sort of items and administrations. More youthful ages find going through business index or promotions minimum interesting.

Prevent Your Company from Unnecessary Loss

At present, a computer system or smart phone is at the fingertips of almost everybody. Thus they search for a quick and efficient method to crop relevant information. It is becoming very much essential to include top SEO services into the business. Once you are successful in incorporating this valuable element into your marketing plan, you will get surprised by the hike in total number of traffic.

If you are already in touch with a SEO company but unable to get into touch with additional traffic; then you must not set back to evaluate all your options. By putting up queries to your valuable customers you will get to know about the actual status of your marketing plan. Top SEO Company in Mumbai will provide you with the required services at the best.

SEO Company in Mumbai – Providing References along with Demonstrated Success

As a SEO company, we have been endeavoring hard to release the best for our customers. You may ask for us for references and in addition exhibited achievement. You should have a solitary purpose of agreement with the goal that you may effectively talk about your particular needs at the best. Additionally, it will turn out to be anything but difficult to set up questions.

A SEO company is constantly inspired by planning an arrangement that is centered all around your objectives and in addition targets of a business. Customized administrations are there that will really meet all your individual necessities. We have a wide scope of involvement in relationship with variable Internet scenes that include:

  • Google
  • Twitter
  • Facebook

Each and every aspect is taken due care so that the business retains all its customers.   

Benefits from Search Engine Optimization

In a virtual way, every organization can profit at the best by getting into contact with the correct kind of Search Engine Optimization service. On the off chance that you are an internet insightful, it is for certain that you won’t disregard this vital technique. The correct sort of SEO service will give clients to get into contact with you absent much a chance to issue.

The correct kind of Internet marketing organization will keep no stone unturned to appeal its clients with the best Search Engine Optimization in Mumbai. You may lead your search by conducting an online research or asking all around. Better to have a definite discourse session for claim fulfillment!

Services of Digital Marketing Company in Bangalore.

The digital nature of the environment that we live in has changed the nature of marketing that is implemented by companies. If you do not follow those digital means of marketing then you will fall behind your competitors. You may be thinking as to how to have such digital marketing means implemented on your site. The best way of having such means is to have the services from the best Digital Marketing Company in Bangalore. There are various reasons as to why you should have their service. Let us have a look at those so that we can make up our mind to have such a service.

The reasons for having the Digital Marketing Services in Bangalore

There are various reasons for having such services. Let us know in depth the reasons so that we can make a firm decision to have the services from a reputed SEO Company in Bangalore.

  • Saving of time and money: You may be busy in other business activities which leave you less time to concentrate on the proper implementation of digital marketing strategies. As you hire a digital marketing company you need not bother about such aspect anymore. Their expert personnel will be dealing with such aspects and save you time to do other business activities. You may be thinking how such a hiring will save you money. Yes, it would. If you have an in-house marketing expert then you have to pay more as compared to the hiring charge that you have to pay to such digital marketing companies.


  • Achieving faster result: Do you have an idea about what works and what does not while implementing proper digital marketing strategies. It is not possible to have such knowledge if you are not an expert. The companies have expert professionals who have the required knowledge about such implementations. They do not have to guess and work but their knowledge will show them the right strategies that should be implemented for having proper marketing strategies for your product and services. Having such a service it is for sure that you will be achieving results faster than if you tried on your own.


  • Having the use of proper tools and technologies: If you wish to have proper digital marketing strategies implemented then you will be requiring effective tools for monitoring your accounts, tracking the data and to carry out other marketing tasks. So, do you have such effective tools handy? Definitely, you do not. If you hire the best of SEO companies then you can be sure that they have such and will be using it for proper implementation of digital marketing strategies for you. The technological knowledge has also to be up to the mark so that proper strategies can be implemented. The expert professionals at the companies have such advanced technological knowledge and you benefit from such usage if you hire them.

So, you can easily see how beneficial it is to hire companies offering Digital Marketing Services in Bangalore. It is prudent that you hire such and have the business edge over your competitors.

How to Choose A Web Design Agency in Dubai


Image result for How to Choose A Web Design
How to Choose A Web Design Company in Dubai


The foundation of advanced innovativeness today depends on having a site. On the off chance that you don’t have a site, however, you need to begin a business, blog or an E-commerce site you can’t push ahead. You need a gorgeous website, and you might just need to contract a strong website composition office. When you begin to take a gander at what great sites can improve the situation marking, marketing, and business, you will perceive any reason why a strong organization will enable you to out. With such huge numbers of organizations contending in Dubai, and around the globe, you will no uncertainty need to limit the pursuit. The accompanying will separate how to pick a website composition organization in Dubai to guarantee that your undertakings online are better than your opposition.

Choose What You Want First

Before you begin to search for a Website Designing Company in Dubai, unsure about what you need. For instance, would you like to offer things on the web? Would you like to post pictures? Or then again would you like to manufacture a discussion, chatroom, or some other kind of media? Without recognizing what you need to do, you’ll see it difficult to limit the arrangements. Regardless of whether you were to look online for Dubai Net Solutions, despite everything you will get got some information about what you need in advance. In the event that you set aside a little opportunity to make sense of what you need out of your site, the subsequent stages will turn into a considerable measure less demanding.

Take a gander At Their Portfolio

The most ideal approach to knowing regardless of whether an organization is justified regardless of your chance is to take a gander at what they can do. Take a gander at how they have composed their site. At that point take a gander at any locales that they have done previously. You need to ensure that things are unmistakable, organized and stream pleasantly. On the off chance that you arrive on a page that has neither rhyme nor reason, or that looks awful, odds are they are not going to have the capacity to furnish you with the best administration. A decent portfolio is going to feature the ability of a Website Development Company Dubai.

Get in touch with Them With A Few Questions

The following thing that you have to do is straightforward: contact the organization you need to contract. Get some information about evaluating and turnaround time. You may even need to talk with a delegate to comprehend what they can improve the situation you. Call them or visit them at their office. Keep in mind, you ought to have a thought of what you need before heading off to this progression. In the event that you aren’t sure, or you simply don’t have a clue about, that is alright. You can talk with an expert and approach them what they prescribe for your business, individual, or different needs. They’ll have the capacity to take the data you have and afterward set up an arrangement of parts that will convey at the start of setting up an area name and site.

The Best Web Design Agency Right Now

With the data said above, you will have the capacity to limit the hunt for web designing in Dubai. Rather than endeavoring to call a large number of them, accept a touch of counsel and run with Dubai WBWRK Solutions ( They have every one of the apparatuses to help set up your site from the very beginning. They can likewise get you saw crosswise over showcasing levels. With a stellar notoriety for website architecture at the best value, you’ll no uncertainty find that they are doing awesome work online from Dubai and around the world. Narrowing down the scan for as well as can be expected to be as basic as going ahead to, and seeing with your own eyes.

10 Tips To Improve Your Website Conversion Rate.


Many people believe that setting up a website for their product or company is enough for their online presence. But since most of the people are using the internet to search for items it has become quickly crucial that your website should be developed to do a lot more than just providing details about your product.

Your company will not achieve success unless you have an excellent website and a website cannot be considered effective unless it attracts, engages guests and converts them into clients.

You may have a great production and huge discounts to offer clients, but in case your website is not created in turn guests into clients it will not help your company.

Consider why you need to set up a website it may be one or all of these following reasons

Provide clients solutions or items related details.

To entice, engage, and turn guests.

Help your branding strategy.

To communicate clients your promoting feature.

If your company is not doing good, then poorly developed website may be a reason for it. Therefore you must get it evaluated by well-reputed website style agency and consider redesigning it. For web designs in Dubai, you can adhere to these website design tricks that will help increase transformation amount.

Keep Your Exclusive Selling Part of Mind.

Competition in the market is increasing. It is highly unlikely that there will not be anyone else promoting similar solutions as well as in your area. How can you increase your transformation rate? Simply by focusing on your promoting feature. You should not only be aware of how you are different from others, but your website design should revolve around it. In other words, your website is the vehicle that will be used to deliver this message of uniqueness and differentiation from competitors.

Keep Website Structure and Routing Simple

Website navigation makes your website usable. Therefore it is very crucial that you create a easy navigation developed around consumer experience. A foreseeable, logical order in navigation can help your website guests get to the preferred website quickly and quickly. Through navigation, guests should be able to comprehend the whole map of your website

Average Conversion amount varies by industry. E-commerce has lowered transformation prices at 1.84% while Financial Services has highest with 5.01%

There should foreseeable Website layout.

Your website should be created in a way that targeted visitor should quickly be able to predict quickly where he will be able to find preferred material or website. An easy but attractive layout and website design will do this job in best possible manner. You must ensure that every detail available at the designated website. For example, it’s a common practice for e-commerce sites to show client care contact variety at upper right or left corner of the website. You must adhere to these styles.

Reduce Customer Mouse clicks.

 You must be sure that your clients don’t have to click too many places to achieve on preferred location or material on your website. If your users’ needs to take more than two clicks to achieve intended web pages, then it may enhance bounce prices. Therefore to enhance website visitor’s transformation amount you should slow up the number of user clicks. Website Development Company in Uae

Use of Contact To Activity Control buttons.

Your website should clearly show “call to action” buttons to persuade website people to act without any problem.  You can enhance the visibility of call to action buttons by magnifying them throughout your website.

User Feedback should be Lowest.

 Your website should be shown and accessible quickly. Therefore you must keep your user’s input minimum. Prevent asking too many details. Let them spend minimum time answering your questions or proving more details as this may be annoying for many folks.

Using Huge Pictures is Newest Trend.

According to latest website style styles,  The use of huge but fewer item or other relevant images is increasing popularity.  Today`s cellular and computers are made to show crisp graphics. Therefore you must take advantage of it.  Create sure your images are top quality and can be shown quickly to cellular clients without too much surge in loading time. In addition to that, you must avoid small/tiny images.

Better use Colors Schemes is significant.

What mixture of colours you use on your website is a significant component. Choice of colours affects guests and when used in a right way can help enhance client engagement and transformation.  You must not use very bold colours or very dull colours. It`s better you conduct some analysis of colour psychology and know how different colours affect clients. The only good colour mixture can entice the attention of website clients.

Having Mobile Friendly Website is Essential.

Mobile smartphone people are increasing in numbers. According to analysis, nearly 40% of total web people are now accessing sites through their mobiles. It means ignoring this huge numbers of the audience can be a costly mistake. If you are Website Design Company in Dubai is not developed to be shown through the cell phone, then you must get one to increase transformation amount.

The Notion Technology is Ecommerce Web Development Company


Notion technologies were founded in October 1997. Since 1997, Notion technologies have been a nuclear bomb in its commodity of Ecommerce Web Development. In 1997, when the company had its first foundation brick placed in Mumbai, India, we had a sole vision to be one of the best when it comes to developing websites and serving you with our services and we can proudly say that yeah, we are the best.

Shaping Digital Solutions by Ecommerce Web Development Company

When it comes to providing premium services for web and application solutions, we are counted and we are the ones who deal with profound efficiency and deliver your needs within the stipulated time. Today, we are almost everywhere, be it in terms of healthcare, industrial manufacturing, real estate, logistics, retail businesses, everywhere you can think for. Creating solutions is what we do and we are proud that we are extremely good at it.

E-commerce Web Development Innovation and our clients

Commitment to be precise is something that we consider as our religion. Developing and innovating ideas that work is something we do to prove our love and commitments for our clients and your needs. With the help of the latest technologies, we are able to fetch our clients the leverage of harnessing the latest digital trends. Digital marketing is the thing of the future, and we provide solutions that are future ready. Web Design in Bangalore

Your presence matters in Ecommerce Web Development

We work with the principle of ‘build it and they will come’ and believe it or not, this principle has actually been creating wonders. These are the days of stiff completion and very low attention spans, and we develop your websites that become an eye candy as soon as it is presented and as soon as it is presented it makes your business make its presence as well.

Our Mission for Ecommerce Web Development

Notion technologies have always believed in one mission which is to provide you as our clients the best in the market. We do so by developing newer and efficient ways to help you to meet the latest trends and demands of the digital market. We try our best to continuously upgrade our skills and meet the standards of the latest trends of the globe.

The tools we use for E-commerce Web Development

Basically, we have our teams adapted to various web development tools, which include HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, XHTML, PHP etc. And if so it happens that there is a new web language in the market which can help beautify your demands, we add it to our toolbox as well. The things that you might be looking for on your website, will be carved with an utmost precision that it becomes an eye-catching thing as soon as it is presented to your customers.

We provide every support to our clients and probably that’s what is making us as the best Ecommerce Web Development Company and the reason we have so many recurring clients. We have successfully made an unbreakable trust with our clients and by helping them to grow, we help ourselves grow. We believe to flourish and excel more with all your support.Website Designing Company in Mumbai


Understand why Ecommerce Website Design is Significant for Business Growth


The demand for the e-commerce business model is vital and everyone is accepting it widely. There is the huge demand for the digital business model to enhancing the productivity for any sort of business activities. We all know that e-commerce is a huge business as of now and the rising significance of Ecommerce Website Design services is becoming popular. All the listed companies are having their own business website and which is necessary also to remain the market and compete with others.

Running any kind of business requires skills, patience and labor force. In the earlier days there was demand for the labor force but as the technology are emerging with admirable specifications and benefits are incredible. In a simple term to understand what E-commerce Website Design is, it is the paperless exchange of business information in the form of electronic mode.

It is the form of business activities that take place in the form of electronic mode where the entire business activities rely on any types of transaction that involves the sharing information or data online. There is numerous E-commerce Website Designing Company in India is serving with great service son demand as per the business needs and client’s requirements. The customers need to follows the services which are well established and offered by the professional hands.

It is very true that at the present time the rising demand for the usages of modern technology and equipment are heading the entire business. It is also helping to save time and resources effectively. In today’s fast and hectic time having all the sources of digital marketing helping the business to grow faster and also able to meets the demands of the consumers efficiently.

What are the ultimate benefits of using E-commerce Website Design services?

  • Very easy to access- All the people are well familiar with the use of internet services and also the adoption of modern technology in the business sector is rising day by day. It is very safe and secure way to deal all the transaction or services very safely.
  • Convenient- Operating the e-commerce business is quite a convenient way to enhance the marketing as well as selling perspectives. Well, it is a human tendency that more and more people or consumer appreciates convenient facility.
  • It increases the business and productivity- having a well-established model of e-commerce services from the professional E-commerce Website Designing Company in India can lead to increase your business outreach in numerous ways.
  • It also enhances the customer experience- the consumer is becoming preferable with online shopping and the use of online services allows them to meet their needs effectively.
  • It creates brand visibility
  • Increase sales and marketing

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All these are admirable benefits are well associated with the usages of professional E-commerce Website Design services for your particular business activities. When you talk about the operational cost of having e-commerce website from the professional hands then the fact is that as it requires the low cost. The physical or virtual shops have a limited scope but when we talk about the online business activity it has a wider platform to serve the consumer all over the world.